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Influencer Relations

We don’t measure this by likes; we measure this on authority in their field. We’re a B2B specialist agency, so when we talk about “influencers” we’re not talking about someone trying to promote teeth whitening, protein shakes or their latest Boo-Hoo discount code.

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We go beyond media relations to introduce you, your product, service or brand to the key people who matter to the target audience you are looking to reach.

We’re talking about opinion formers, who are recognised experts in their chosen field. People who command respect, and genuinely inform your prospect’s buying decisions. People who have opinions that matter. People with real influence.

We have a suite of tools at our disposal to help us to research and identify the people that matter in your sector. We construct a map of the key influencers, who have authority and audience within your target prospect’s industry. We take into account not just the size of the audience they have, but how engaged that audience is, the platform they use to reach them. Their relevance and suitability to your business, as well as their existing awareness of your brand, product and service is another consideration.

We then conduct a campaign designed to raise your profile with these influencers. We’ll brief them about your business. We’ll set-up demos of your product of service for them. We’ll create opportunities for you to work with one another. Ultimately, we’ll improve their understanding of you, your company and what you do.


We don't measure success in likes or reach.

We’ll track traffic driven from their site to yours, and we’ll measure the impact they have on your business.


Best-in-class measurement. It wouldn’t be a Hard Numbers service if we didn’t measure the effectiveness of this and report in a timely fashion for you.

In addition to helping quantify the value of the influencer for you in terms of their audience, their reach, relevance to you and the level of engagement they get, we provide you with transparency around the number of touchpoints we have with them on your behalf.

We’ll track traffic driven from their site to yours, and we’ll measure the impact they have on your business. We can help you get started right now by building a list of the key influencers who matter in your sector.

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