What we do

Broadcast PR

We don’t just react to news; we create it.

We know that broadcast coverage is often an afterthought in PR because of the investment of time and resources it takes to achieve. We have the relationships, the expertise and, most importantly, the tenacity to ensure your company, product or service gets the broadcast attention it deserves alongside the other media coverage we’re driving for you.

Broadcast PR Illustration


Broadcast PR is an arm of media relations dedicated to securing coverage on TV and radio, most often in the form of interviews or news bulletins.

Cutting through the noise in broadcast media is challenging and time consuming. So Broadcast PR has become a specialism in its own right.

Working with an agency, like Hard Numbers, with broadcast expertise will ensure your brand, company, product or spokesperson get the airtime and engagement they deserve.

Broadcast PR secures high engagement, high impact coverage.

If you are a company looking to launch a new product or service, or if you’re getting started in a new market; raising awareness, boosting website traffic and driving sales are key goals to help you demonstrate product-market fit.

Broadcast media provides you with the ability to reach a broad audience in a short space of time, delivering an exciting spike of engagement and attention that other media can’t match.


We have relationships and we have the expertise.

We have broadcast-specialists within our ranks, with the relationships, the expertise and, most importantly, the time to engage broadcast media interest in your product, service or company.


Broadcast coverage is driven by newsworthiness.

The key to broadcast success is news generation. Not simply reacting to news or working off the back of news. Actually creating the news.

Successful news generation comes in many forms and can be inspired in a number of different ways, but it is always about being fresh, being first and being forward-thinking.

The Hard Numbers team use the latest tools to identify opportunities, and we use our own media relationships and in-house expertise to create powerful and newsworthy content that grabs the attention of broadcast media alongside your own expertise. We then use this as a platform to reach and engage your target audience.

We work tirelessly with you to put together broadcast strategy which get you and your business high impact, far-reaching, results-driving TV and radio opportunities and get you the recognition your business, product or service deserves.