Why Hard Numbers?

There are over 4,000 comms agencies out there. What makes us so special?

The Hard Numbers are that the CIPR has over 10,000 members in the UK, the PRCA has over 30,000 members globally, there are over 4,000 PR agencies in the UK, and there are almost innumerable options for your PR and communications spend.

The sad fact for anyone who’s worked in PR for the last ten years is that almost every single new agency that’s been started looks remarkably similar to those that have come before.

They post pictures of their foosball tables to promote themselves as a good place to work.

They are all things to all people – business to business, business to consumer – across every business sector. They focus on vanity metrics of column inches and reach, and don’t measure their impact on their client’s business.

They communicate in words your CFO would not understand. They don’t know their Google Analytics from their elbow. They keep time-sheets (badly, and rarely on time).

The commodity they sell is people’s time.

We have built Hard Numbers to be different from the ground-up. We are unencumbered by the traditional ways of thinking, enabled by technology at every step of our process, and focused on what really matters – driving real, tangible results for our clients.

We could talk about this all day, but here’s five reasons why we think we are genuinely different to anyone else you’ll speak to.

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We are the agency your sales team will love

Members of our team have run multi-million pound sales and marketing organisations. We know the challenges you face. We’ve carried the bag. We can roll our sleeves up, and get elbow deep in your CRM to ensure we run campaigns that are targeted on your ideal customer, and we can attribute the leads we generate to our activities.

We will sweat every asset we create for you across paid, earned, owned and shared channels for maximum results. We will prove, at every step of the process, the value of the activity we’re undertaking for you.

We’ll drive leads. We’ll deliver results.

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We don’t sell time, we sell results

Hard Numbers was set-up to be different from the hundreds of me-too agencies with exactly the same business model that have been set-up in the last ten years. No member of our full-time team has ever or will ever fill out a time sheet.

We invest substantially in leading edge technology platforms to streamline outreach, reporting, and management of the business. We use this advantage to get you results, and measure the impact of this in a “joined-up” fashion.

But where we need to, we spend the time to really get to the bottom of a problem for you.

We do not sell time. We sell results.

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We speak in plain English

We hate buzzwords. We dislike having to remember a large number of acronyms, too.

We believe that if you understand a subject well enough, you should be able to explain it in words that anyone could understand. We will communicate to you, and on your behalf, without jargon and without you having to wade through an alphabet soup of acronyms.

Words matter. Our words get results.

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We’re focussed on the sectors we intimately understand

We are focused on sectors that we understand and have worked in. We work with B2B companies across a few key verticals:
Technology: MarTech and AdTech, FinTech, Software as a Service (SaaS), we help promote the companies who are making tomorrow happen today.
Professional Services: Law firms, accountants, management consultants, we help you stand out from the crowd.
Data and Research: market research, data providers, media intelligence, audience insight providers – we’ve got decades of experience in this sector to bring to your business.

We do what we know. We focus on the areas where we can get you results.

A machine that measures.

We are built on a promise to do better on measurement

Hard Numbers is built on this promise to our clients: We will deliver best in class measurement on everything we do. All clients receive access to a tailored dashboard using Google Data Studio, bringing together data from their own Google Analytics, our own proprietary CRM and any other relevant data sources.

We provide full transparency from who we’ve approached, to what coverage is pending AND what coverage has been secured, as well as the SEO and traffic impact this has delivered.

We deliver results.