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At Hard Numbers, we believe that PR and media relations activity can, should, and must be measured. And we believe there are better and smarter ways of doing it.

Members of our team have worked in media measurement, media relations, search engine optimisation and digital marketing. We believe by bringing all of this expertise together, we can help our clients achieve a greater understanding of the impact of their PR and media relations activities.

What is the Hard Numbers Digital PR Audit?

We’ve created our unique Digital PR Audit, which gives you the Hard Numbers on the effectiveness of your PR and media relations campaigns online.

We believe in the power of data to inform decision-making.

This isn’t about “big data” – this is about “actually-quite-small” datasets, typically. It’s about “big impact”.

We can help you to identify the incremental improvements that can be made to your PR and media relations which can be used to drive big impact for your business.

We can help you to create a framework for measuring the effectiveness of what you do beyond its reach to get real insight into the traffic you’re helping drive to your website, the impact it’s having on your search engine rankings, and the opportunities to drive improvement in all of these areas in future.

What does it cover?

The Hard Numbers Digital PR Audit has been built using a tailored Google Data Studio report to bring together a range of different data sources to help us measure the following for you:

  • The volume of media coverage that you’ve generated online in the last year, over time, by source and by market.
  • How much of the media coverage contains a link to your site (which is beneficial from an SEO perspective, and helps us to measure referral traffic this drives)
  • What are the authoritative websites which have linked to your site previously?
  • What impact is this having on your company keyword rankings and the traffic to your site currently?
  • What are the opportunities for improvement in future?
And we’ll provide all of this to you, for free. Quickly.

All we need to do is fill out the form below, and we’ll let our very clever spreadsheet and Data Studio elves do the rest of the heavy lifting.

Want to go a step further?

Give us read-only access to your Google Analytics and we’ll be able to tell you MUCH more about how effective your PR campaigns are in driving awareness of your business, traffic to your site, and leads to your sales team.

Please note – we won’t send reports to non-corporate email accounts (so no Gmail, iCloud, Hotmail or anything similar, please!) and we won’t send reports to competitors or other consultancies. We’re very flattered that you think we’re doing something worth looking at, but you are not our target audience.