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Onto is a disruptor. Not only have they reimagined car ownership through an all-inclusive subscription service but they focus solely on electric cars. They’re great. But many people, especially younger millennials, don’t even know they exist.

Our brief was to help get them out there and make people want to join the EV revolution. 


So, how do we make electric cars desirable? It’s by making you look desirable. 

Hot on the heels of a sizzling summer, with cuffing season on the horizon, we did some research to find out if there’s a link between being green and date-ability. And guess what it turns out that the eco-friendly are luckier in love. In fact they’re twice as likely to get a date as their non-eco-friendly counterparts. 

Now we needed an expert, someone who really knew the love-game to front this. Onto aren’t a dating site after all. So we hooked up with dating expert Hayley Quinn to share her top tips on showing your eco-side when dating. 


The numbers are big - 57 pieces of coverage across broadcast and online media and that includes a couple of top nationals as well as a whole bunch of regionals.

Crucially too there were a load of backlinks from high domain authority titles, with 100% of articles sending their readers to the website. And to top it off, WCR presenter Jason Forrest said, “I tell you what, if I was in the market immediately for a car, I would be there”.

You can’t ask for more than that.