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Mambu is a fintech unicorn. Not the fluffy magical kind. The 'innovative, bringing banking into the digital-first world' kind. They dream big.

Sometimes bigger than your average bank can understand. When the pandemic came along, they wanted the industry to grasp what it meant for the future of our finances. Our brief was to help them do just that.


But how do you bring banking to life? Something as sterile as a ‘pandemic impact report’ wasn’t going to cut it. 

So we tapped into tribalism. At our core, we all want to be part of a group. To identify with a community or collective. It speaks to our human need for belonging. 

Like high school cliques, we invited thousands of consumers globally to find their ‘financial tribe’. Instead of goths and Queen Bees, we found techcelerators and neo asset hoarders. In place of jocks and nerds were convenience cravers and ethical bankers. 

We researched the wants and behaviours of each tribe, which were the fastest growing and how each was setting the bar higher for banks. Then we teamed up with futurologist Tom Cheesewright to spread the word beyond the boardroom to real banking customers*.

*Actual human people.


The campaign was the biggest single coverage driver for Mambu in 2021. We landed over 240 pieces of coverage globally, from trade titles like The Fintech Times and Fintech Magazine to a national feature in The Daily Express. Did we mention nine radio interviews, including three BBC stations?

If that wasn’t enough, Mambu saw an 18% uplift in share of voice and a 15% uplift in branded search during the campaign period. Proof that banking is anything but boring.